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Independent Data Services (Asia) Sdn. Bhd.

The world's largest provider of web-based reporting services to the upstream oil and gas industry reaches for cloud solution with NTT Communications

Service: Enterprise Cloud

Independent Data Services (Asia) Sdn. Bhd.

Complicated hardware maintenance and reliability issues across multiple sites


Adoption of NTT Com's enterprise cloud reduces complexity and delivers seamless connectivity


Capacity increased at a level cost
Capabilities increased without need for hardware investment
Higher resilience


Complicated hardware maintenance and reliability issues across multiple sites

IDS maintained a complicated hardware infrastructure and faced uncertain usage reliability of servers in their legacy system due to complexity in delivery across multiple data centres. They needed a single, intuitive global customer portal to reduce infrastructure complexity and streamline the delivery of their solutions to ensure accurate operational reporting to oil and gas operators, drilling contractors and service companies located around the world.

Additionally, IDS needed to increase it's network capacity to provide their growing client portfolio with the fastest and most reliable operational reporting solutions. Scalable service linkage between worldwide connections was key challenge in achieving a seamless process.


NTT Com's enterprise cloud reduces complexity and delivers seamless connectivity

In its selection process, IDS prioritized partners with global integrated ICT network and cloud capabilities that can address the need for scalability and mobility responding to it's business growth. NTT Com's enterprise cloud was selected after a rigorous evaluation process due to its extensive distribution of POPs around the world and a resilient backend network which has the capability to deliver optimal consistent latency results.

Teaming up with NTT Com Security, IDS has also enhanced its security capabilities with active threat management to match the levels required by it's business.


Capacity increased at a level cost while capabilities increased without the need for hardware investment. The end result - higher resilience

In just a few months, IDS has increased their capacity at a level cost by choosing NTT Com to consolidate their data servers. By reducing the amount of hardware and unused capacity, they were able to increase their capabilities without additional hardware investment, thereby maximising cost savings.

With a more flexible and scalable architecture, IDS is able to dynamically manage resources according to demand and workloads. Lastly with highly resilient and reliable global network, and integrated software defined networking (SDN), IDS was able to connect and use the network securely with noted vast increase in resilience.


Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud is a secure private cloud service that complements our data center, network and server solutions. We provide a versatile and secure IT cloud infrastructure to support core business applications. A wide range of options are available, including flexible resource provisioning.

Independent Data Services (Asia) Sdn. Bhd.

Company Profile

Name: Independent Data Services (Asia) Sdn. Bhd.

Overview: Founded in 1995, IDS is committed to transforming data into knowledge, thereby enabling companies to analyze and report on their operational performance.

URL: http://www.idsdatanet.com/




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(as of September, 2014)

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