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White Papers

See how we’re addressing industry challenges and meeting customer needs with our enterprise solutions.

When Data Is the Lifeblood of Business, How Can It Be Stored, Protected and Delivered More Effectively in Thailand?


The perfect BCP site that doesn't effected by floods or political demos in Thailand



Propelling Indonesia’s Financial Services Further into the Digital Age


Selecting an optimum data center dues to the presidential decree to have an off-site data center in Indonesia



NSA After-shocks: How Snowden has changed ICT decision-makers’ approach to the Cloud


The world of corporate ICT has been rocked by Edward Snowden’s revelations of large-scale cyber surveillance by US and other governments. These leaks from June 2013 have had a direct impact on how companies around the world think about ICT and cloud computing in particular.



Leverage A Third-Party Data Center To Deliver Increased Business Value


NTT Communications commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey multi-national companies based in the US and Europe that have a local footprint in the APAC region about their data center strategies, specifically the benefits, opportunities and potential challenges of leveraging collocated data center services.



Enterprises See Key Benefits in Deploying Cloud Services with Virtualized Network


The promise of increased cost-efficiency, flexibility and improved scalability continue to drive interest in cloud computing. Enterprises that increasingly rely on cloud computing services will require the ability to expand network bandwidth on demand, unconstrained by the limitations current networks.



Taking Unified Communications to a New Service Level


In today’s global economy, people need to be able to collaborate and make decisions in real time, regardless of what time it is or where they happen to be. According to a recent study by IDG Research Services, multinational companies are adopting unified communications (UC) to make that happen.



In the Clouds


The cloud delivers proven benefits for disaster recovery and global expansion.


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