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Cloud-based recovery service that allows you to operate uninterrupted

With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) from NTT Communications, your business can operate normally during planned or unplanned outages. 



DRaaS from NTT Communications allows organizations to conduct business as usual during unexpected server failures or planned downtime through auto-failover and redirection of traffic to a real-time, replica server in a secure cloud environment.

Failover is rapid and seamless, with users and applications quickly up and running, ensuring continued service for businesses and uninterrupted access for end customers. 


DRaaS is a managed cloud service that provides secure, real-time server replication with automatic failover and failback, ensuring data protection and high availability from a secure NTT Communications cloud platform, consisting of two offerings that can operate independently or in conjunction.

  • Cloud-to-Cloud server replication between NTT Com Data Centers for enterprises currently using NTT Com Enterprise Cloud.
  • Premises-to-Cloud server replication between enterprise private infrastructure (private or hybrid Clouds) and an NTT Com Data Center.
You assume complete Control
How it works: Ongoing Protextion
Disaster Recovery as a Service (“DRaaS”) 1 Month Trial
  • For Premises-to-Cloud server replication, a secure, enterprise-grade VPN connection is established allowing essential applications and servers to be replicated to NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud. 
  • Auto-failover capabilities
  • Online Control Panel providing real-time visibility of protected servers
  • Real time monitoring allowing for instant failover to the replica environment in NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud
  • Schedule changes and updates on individual systems independently secure in protection guaranteed by continuous application availability. 
  • Replicating critical servers, operating systems and end- user data to NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud 
  • Continuous replication that takes place over an encrypted VPN tunnel minimises impact of outages. 

Thank you for your interest in NTT Europe Ltd.’s (“NTTE”) DRaaS service. This document contains the details of your trial account, as well as the information we need to get you going.

Free trial conditions:


  • Lead time for setting up trial accounts is currently five (5) business days.
  • You are responsible for :
    • Provisioning Virtual Machine and resources through the online NTTE Customer Portal
    • Installation or troubleshooting of any applications
    • User administration and creation of end-user accounts
    • Allocating sufficient resources to test the DRaaS service during the free trial.
  • After the trial period, NTTE will email you a feedback form for completion and return. You agree to act as a reference for NTTE upon successful completion of the one month trial service.
  • You should contact your NTTE account manager for any queries.

    If you're interested please contact us for full terms & conditions & agreement.





    NTT Com is offering a launch trial for customers that qualify based on their requirements.


    Read the terms of the offer

    Contact us for details


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