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cloud management platform-banner

Cloud Management Platform


NTT Communications is pleased to announce the European wide availability of Cloud Management Platform (CMP), designed to offer customers using multiple clouds visibility of their resources and financial spend, so that they can take full control over the management of their ICT estate.

Francesco Casi portrait


“Cloud Management Platform is what we have been waiting for. The fact that CMP works with all the popular public cloud providers makes it a very useful management tool for us. Since using CMP we have seen improved control over spending by visualizing previously less visible cloud costs.” said Francesco Casi, VP for Cloud and Professional Services, Xura.

“In addition, the ability to tag assets in CMP means that we can do accurate ICT resource cost allocation either by customer, by project or business unit.”

Xura offers its customers a pathway to next generation digital technology services and are helping 8 out of the top 10 global operators reach over 3 billion endpoints.

What does this mean for our customers?

The Cloud Management Platform discovers resources, performance metrics, events, and spend, and presents them in a uniform way via a customised dashboard. Based on an open framework, CMP was designed from the onset based on APIs. This makes it easier to gather information from a variety of third party cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and NTT Communication's own Enterprise Cloud, as well as having a connector for vSphere for those with private cloud implementations.

Meet Bob

meet bob


Bob runs the ICT department for a large corporation. His departments (end users) are now taking the initiative with their own cloud developments.

This leaves Bob with limited visibility of the company’s overall cloud estate and unable to allocate spiraling costs. With so many clouds, it can be hard to get a consistent view of performance and compliance information.


Bob's Challenges

Like his peers, Bob is  primarily focused on delivering greater business value, while maintaining control. His ICT organization is having to evolve to the changing needs of the business and is emerging as a service broker – leveraging cloud where appropriate and surrounding these cloud services with other delivery models when required. The challenge is that business lines are now taking the initiative with their own cloud developments and this limits visibility of the company’s overall cloud estate and the ability to control and allocate costs – that may be spiralling. This can also create potentially serious issues with company compliance.


These are some of the key challenges that Bob has identified with managing multiple clouds:


  •  Departments contracting directly with cloud service providers
  •  Are security and governance being compromised?
  •  Keeping track of spending across multiple providers
  •  What resources are being consumed?
  •  Monitoring utilization and availability
  •  How I accurately allocate cloud costs?


So Bob turned to Cloud Management Platform from NTT Communications for help...

Business Benefits

CMP Business Benefits

Read the brochure

thumb_cmp brochure


Cloud Management Platform adds a new dimension to visualizing and controlling escalating cloud provider resources and costs.

If you would like to know more about CMP and how it can help you in your business, or request a product trial, please use the box below and we will do the rest.


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