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Financial Data Center Tower 2 (FDC2)

As digital transformation, big data, cloud and virtualizations generate new demands on IT infrastructure, enterprises are looking for data centers to help their transformation journeys. FDC2, launched in 2015, is designed with innovative cooling, energy-efficient and data visualization technologies to create new values and enhance business performance for enterprise customers. It underscores NTT Communications’ value as a technology strategy partner for best-in-class data center services.


Featuring ultra-high density ready design, FDC2 helps clients future-proof against the increasing complexity of new generation IT equipment and accommodate accelerating IT capacity growth in a cost-efficient and sustainable way.

Fault Tolerant Data Center Infrastructure

Tier IV ready infrastructure, modular design and hybrid tiering model to give clients the highest level of reliability and agility

Innovative Technologies For Optimizing TCO

Advanced data center technologies designed to help clients optimize total cost of ownership in the long term

Enhanced Service Visibility and Cascade SLAs

Digitalization and big data approach to serve as  foundation of a brand new SLA model

Robust Physical Security

Eight tiers of physical security measures with digital sign-in process ensure that our client’s mission-critical assets are in safe hands

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Features and Benefits

Key Features
1. Fault Tolerant Data Center Infrastructure

FDC2 builds on the robust foundation of FDC1 to offer a Tier IV ready infrastructure, modular design and hybrid tiering model to give clients the highest level of reliability and agility.

  • Fault tolerance design with no single point of failure
  • Compartmentalization of critical facility systems and distribution paths
  • Dual utility power
  • N+Catcher continuous rating generator system
  • N+Catcher UPS systems with 15 minutes battery backup at full load
  • N+1 water-cooled chiller system¹ with 42 minutes cooling battery (chilled water storage) at full load for continuous cooling, PLC controlled
  • 2N fuel supply system, PLC controlled
  • 24 hours of diesel storage and condensing water storage at full load
  • Water-side free cooling system
2. Innovative Technologies For Optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

FDC2 features some advanced data center technologies designed to help clients optimize total cost of ownership in the long term.

High Density Design

Industry leading ultra-high density data center design which supports installation of 54U rack with maximum rack height at 2.6 metres, and power density up to 24kVA per rack.

Cooling Wall

FDC2 unique front-flow cooling design with hot aisle containment improves overall cooling efficiency for better PUE, supports higher power density per rack, and is more suitable for the dynamic load under virtualized IT environment.

Cooling Battery

An innovative stratified thermal energy storage system with 3,600,000 litres of chilled water which provides 42min of chilled water backup to maintain stable environmental condition, and allows operating temperature to rise without the risk of thermal runaway.

Smart Lighting System

Cost-efficient LED lighting running on ultra low voltage with motion and temperature sensing functions. Integrate with security and life safety systems to enhance security and safety level.

Water-side Economization

When wet bulb temperature is lower than 10.5ºC, the chillers will be shut down and the cooling system uses the cooling towers for direct cooling. Together with the Cooling Wall, FDC2 can achieve a market-leading annualized PUE of below 1.5 at full load condition.

3. Enhanced Service Visibility

To help our customers embark on their business transformation journey, FDC2 adopts a digitalization and big data approach for end-to-end data center lifecycle management. Being the pioneer to adopt BIM² in design, construction and commissioning management for data center project, FDC2 further integrates the BIM information and data with the in-house Data Center Management System (DCMS) to offer an end-to-end solution for life cycle management of all critical facilities in the data center. Customers can realize the benefits through our customer portal “Virtual Data Center”, to gain enhanced visibility to real-time and historical data center performance to enable informative decision making as well as strategy planning.

4. Cascade SLAs For Better Service Guarantee

FDC2 introduces a brand new SLA model that goes beyond traditional SLAs on power and cooling, and extends to cover connectivity, security and response time - in total offering more comprehensive risk management and guaranteed compensation for our clients.

5. Faster Business Communication and Innovation

Riding on NTT Communications’ Tier 1 network infrastructure co-located with FDC2, customers can enjoy exceptional ultra-low latency and reliable global connectivity to meet their needs for fast and “frictionless” business communications.

6. Robust Physical Security

Eight tiers of physical security measures with digital sign-in process ensure that our client’s mission-critical assets are in safe hands. Physical security controls at the site, building and lobby entrances, in the lifts, at floor and ICT hall mantraps right down to the cage and cabin ensures only the right approved personnel has access to your servers.

¹ Optional upgrade to Tier IV
² BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight to help you plan, design, construct, commission and manage buildings and infrastructure.

NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Center Tower 2 (FDC2)

Location Tseung Kwan O
Building Dedicated purpose-built data center premises owned by NTT Communications
Rack Rack Capacity 4000+
Rack Space Option Open Area, Caged Area, Private Suite
Power Density Max 24kVA/rack
Power Utility Power Dual power substations through diversified paths
Generator N+Catcher, continuous rating
UPS N+Catcher
UPS Power Distribution 2N Active with STS
Fuel Distribution 2N, PLC Control
Fuel Storage 24 hours at full load
Cooling CRAC N+1, front flow, UPS powered
Chiller N+1, Water Cooled, PLC control
(Upgradable to 2N, Water Cooled)
Makeup Water Storage 24 hours at full load
Chilled Water Distribution 2N, UPS powered, PLC control
Continuous Cooling 42 minutes cooling battery at full load, PLC control
Security 7 x24 security operation center and security patrol, CCTV surveillance camera
Multiple physical access security checkpoints with anti-tailgating mantrap
Multiple-factors authentication access control
Impact resistant fence wall with intrusion detection & road blocking device
Fire Protection VESDA System (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus), FM200 Gas Suppression System and Double Interlock Type Pre-Action Sprinkler System
Network Carrier Neutral
Multiple Local Carrier Entry from diversified paths
Dual Entrance Room, Local Carrier Room & Meet-me Room
NTT Communications Network Node
Service Support Dedicated in-house 7x24 facility management and service operation support team
In-house 7x24 customer service support team with 7x24 service hotline
In-house expertise on facility, network, system, security and project management

Awards & Recognition

  • DatacenterDynamics Asia Pacific Awards: Service Provider Data Center Award and Critical Environment Future Thinking Award*
  • Management & Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval by The Uptime Institute
  • Platinum Certification under the LEED 2009 for Core & Shell Development (LEED-CS 2009) Rating System by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification by BSI (British Standards Institution)
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification by BSI (British Standards Institution)
  • ISAE3402 International Standard on Assurance Engagements by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB)
  • Compliance of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Requirements by Evolution Security Consulting Limited (Qualified Security Assessor of PCI Council)
  • Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) Report

Featured Insights

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- “NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Center” is also referred to as “NTT Communications Hong Kong TKO Data Center.”
- Information and figures of the FDC™ based on present planning and subject to change.
- At DatacenterDynamics Asia Pacific Awards 2016, NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Center Tower 2 (FDC2) was named the winner of “Service Provider Data Center” award, and “Critical Environment Future Thinking” category in collaboration with Emerson Network Power. 

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