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Dedicated Internet Access

We offers dedicated internet access for enterprises that demand highly stable and superb network performance for their mission-critical business communications and applications.

Tier 1 Global IP backbone

Riding on NTT Communications’ network infrastructure to offer strong geographic coverage.

Flexible Service Plans

Offering Premium, Enterprise and Lite plans to cater for different business needs.

Industry-leading SLAs

Ensuring highly reliable and consistent service quality.

NFV Capabilities

Improving flexibility and cost-efficiency with a centralized network management. 

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Features & Benefits

Key Benefits
Service Diagram
1. Direct Connectivity to Asia and US Improves Speed and Reliability
  • Backed by NTT Communications Tier 1 IP backbone, our dedicated internet access service provides direct connectivity from Hong Kong to China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the U.S., providing minimum network latency, maximum bandwidth, better reliability and higher IP connectivity performance to these countries. We minimize the possibility of service disruptions by offering fully-diversified routes and network redundancy through our extensive partnership with other telecommunications providers around the world.
2. Industry Leading SLA
  • Our 100% SLA for service availability, and SLAs for network latency and packet loss guarantee our clients’ benefits.
3. Smooth Transition to IPv6

With the depletion of IPv4 addresses, enterprises need to ensure that their network service provider offerings are compatible with IPv6 to ensure a smooth transition in the future. Our IPv6 Native Service and IPv4/IPv6 dual stack offerings address different enterprise needs:

  • IPv6 Native Service connects directly to our platform using the IPv6 protocol.
  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Service ensures seamless transition to IPv6 by supporting both IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity via the platform.
4. High Flexibility and Scalability
  • We offer a wide range of IP solutions and local access, a highly-scalable bandwidth and flexible pricing options that address diverse clients’ needs.
5. Improved Agility with NFV Technology
  • We have integrated NFV capabilities into our dedicated internet access service to improve flexibility and cost-efficiency. The NFV value-added service features Virtual Firewall and Virtual Unified threat management (vUTM), allowing customers to manage services including Carrier Grade NAT (CGN), Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Anti-virus, URL filtering, DoS protection, as well as traffic analytics on a self-administration Portal.
Key Features
  • 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps bandwidth
  • Fixed or burstable port billing options
  • Supported client interfaces include Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Giga Ethernet or 10 Giga Ethernet
  • BGP4 / BGP4+ Routing
  • Provides 16 Static IPv4 Addresses (/28), 1 block of /64 static IPv6 addresses
  • Dedicated VLAN
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Customer Support
  • Online Customer Portal with MRTG report
Service Plans

We offer dedicated internet access service to local and overseas enterprises, as well as NTT Communications’ data center clients in Hong Kong. Service plans include:

  • Premium Plan: Premium international access and China access.
  • Enterprise Plan: Premium international access and defined China access with flexible pricing.
  • Lite plan: Cost-effective internet solution with premium international access.
Tier 1 Internet Backbone

Our dedicated internet access service is backed by NTT Communications' Tier 1 internet backbone and IPv6 backbone in the world. It offers a high capacity IP transit service from a single AS-based worldwide network, with the largest capacity between Japan and US / Intra-Asia.

Offerings at our Data Centers and Customers’ Premises

We provide dedicated internet access to local and overseas enterprises, as well as clients of NTT Communications data centers in Hong Kong, including NTT Communications Hong Kong Data Center in Tai Po and Hong Kong Financial Data Center in Tseung Kwan O. Our vIP-Net service can also be offered to clients collocated in other service providers’ data center with our network PoP.

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