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Data Storage

Backup as a
Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

As data volumes grow, finding a suitable data storage for backup has become an issue for companies.

The backup infrastructure plus management nowadays is costly and backup processes usually consume too much network bandwidth and time which will depreciate the overall work efficiency.

Hence, companies are looking for better ways to manage and backup data rapidly, securely and cost-efficiently.

Features and Benefits

Key Features

NTT MSC Ensures Your Data Integrity with a Full Range of IT Capabilities in a Secured Cloud Environment

Our Strengths:


World Class Data Center

Managed Services

Best In-Class Managed Services


Best International Practices

IT Process Skills

Comprehensive IT Process Skills
and Competency

NTT MSC Provides Reliable and Affordable
Enterprise-Class Data Protection

NTT MSC’s cloud-based backup service provides flexible capacity, so you never need to worry about unplanned capital expenses. You can easily back up your data from your office to the cloud via the Internet in a secured data center environment.

Benefits of NTT MSC BaaS

Daily Backups

Shorter Backup Windows

NTT MSC Solutions provides industry-leading data deduplication. Daily backups are limited only to data that changed since the prior day's backup, so that less network bandwidth is used.

Lower Network Costs

Lower Network Costs

Caching and data compression techniques are used to reduce the amount of data that flows back and forth, thus minimizing bandwidth consumption when copying backups and making replicas over the WAN.

Data Protection

Ensured Data Protection

The data is secured and well protected by the compression, encryption and integrity checking technologies.

Scale the Service

Greater Flexibility

The monthly subscription service enables you to scale the service as data grows, reducing capital expenditure and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Reduced Management Complexity

The intuitive self-service interface makes it easy to configure backup schedules, select retention periods, view job progress and alerts and perform restores.

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