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Disaster Recovery with Microsoft Azure

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) with Microsoft Azure

Flexible recovery to the cloud

You have a choice: Replicate workloads to an NTT data center or to Microsoft Azure. Azure Site Recovery replication software software leverages consumption on-demand and other benefits of Azure.

End-to-end managed services

Get full-scale assessment, planning, implementation, testing, and management in addition to robust cloud, security, and network services.

Affordable, customizable solutions

We provide single-stop shopping and consultative support; plus, we accommodate solutions on a variety of infrastructures in a hybrid delivery model.

Global coverage from two industry leaders

NTT operates data centers in 196 countries, and Microsoft offers similar geo-redundancy features for Azure, the world’s fastest-growing cloud. Benefit from the flexibility to choose wherever your data is failed over.

Features and Benefits

End-to-End Services
Recovery to the Cloud
Industry Leadership

Enterprises can be ready and well-equipped for unplanned outages with NTT Communications’ Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), powered by Microsoft Azure Site Recovery replication software.

NTT’s end-to-end managed services platform, combined with Azure Site Recovery, makes our DRaaS offering comprehensive, powerful, flexible, and affordable to all enterprises. It provides capabilities previously too expensive or complex for on-premises solutions.

Customers can replicate their primary environment to NTT or to Microsoft Azure, depending on their requirements. This is a key differentiator — with NTT’s holistic DRaaS services, customers can replicate workloads that don’t fit in the cloud to an NTT data center. They have options.


  • NTT DRaaS is enabled for both physical and virtualized environments.
  • For a virtualized environment, the offering supports both VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors.
  • It also replicates servers and/or virtual machines running either Windows or Linux.

We take customers through the entire business continuity/disaster recovery lifecycle. We develop comprehensive solutions that enable organizations to understand their current exposure and make informed decisions for continuous risk management. NTT Communications and Microsoft are both recognized by Gartner as leaders in DR, and we focus on four key areas of BC/DR planning:

  1. Assessment: We will review and assess your security and DR needs to better understand their risk exposure 
  2. Plan: We will help better estimate emergency response and recovery plans to set realistic recovery objectives 
  3. Implement: We will work with you to ensure their DRaaS replication and application environments are implemented correctly 
  4. Manage: We will fully manage your DRaaS solution (i.e., event response, management, and testing)

We offer DRaaS with Microsoft Azure Site Recovery in virtually all regions around the globe. With secure data centers in 196 countries and worldwide coverage for Microsoft Azure, we deliver the best cloud, security, and managed services.

Capabilities and benefits include:

  • Automatic and manual failover/failback
  • 24x7 activity reporting with customer portal 
  • No additional IT staff required 
  • Supports Linux and other open cloud environments
  • Hybrid cloud options 
  • Industry leading deployment time, and industry standard or better SLAs for entire solution
  • Commitment to achieve 99.9% availability 
  • Access to applications and data anywhere, anytime, plus unmatched application support

Disaster recovery is a solution your company won’t be able to do without. NTT DRaaS powered by Microsoft Azure is a best-in-class offering from two industry leaders.

Azure is the fastest-growing cloud, with the industry’s largest portfolio for regulatory compliance.

More about Azure:

  • Azure is growing twice as fast as any industry competitor 
  • Azure serves 38 regions worldwide; the nearest competitor serves 16 regions 
  • 85% of the Fortune 500 use the Microsoft Cloud 
  • New Azure customer subscriptions: 120,000 per month
  • Azure Active Directory users: 715 million
  • Azure SQL query requests processed daily: 150 billion

A look at NTT’s credentials and capabilities:

Global Infrastructure Leadership

  • Top 2 global Internet IP backbone
  • Private network in 196 countries, with a global data center footprint of 3.9+ million square feet

DRaaS Knowledge and Consulting

  • Dedicated DRaaS technical account managers
  • BC/DR professional services and expertise
  • Best-in-class network security teams and knowledge
  • World-class data management capabilities

DRaaS Technology

  • Leading DRaaS portal technology
  • Integrations with key Infrastructure
  • Unique DRaaS specific feature development
  • SLA definition and delivery capability
  • Health-check capability
  • Infrastructure monitoring






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