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Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Hybrid Cloud Solution

Global Business Management

Visualize your business processes, globally, with consolidated and integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud.

Unparalleled Experience

Benefit from our experience implementing Dynamics 365.

Integrated Hybrid Cloud

Combine Enterprise Cloud and Microsoft Azure in a seamless, secure and robust hybrid cloud, connected by our world-class Arcstar Universal One network.

Features and Benefits

ICT Consulting
Plan and Design
Case Studies

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Hybrid Cloud Solution begins with a consulting phase aimed at giving you greater insight into your existing operations, with the goal of developing a plan that you can use for future integration and growth.

ICT Consulting


The first step in our consulting engagement is to survey the current communications infrastructure. We interview your ICT and business personnel, locally and globally, to determine conditions of your current ICT environment. This helps to clarify our understanding of your current situation and determine what issues need to be resolved.


Having assessed your environment, we begin to formulate an overall design for our proposed Dynamics 365 with Hybrid Cloud Solution . We formulate a policy for various facets of the solution, such as data center, server, network, security, DR/BCP, user experience and operation monitoring. This formulation results in a plan of action for system migration, system restructure and operational changes.

Financial Analysis

The final element of our consulting phase is to calculate the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) for existing operations and for our proposed changes. We perform a comprehensive survey that involves observation of existing systems, calculation of the differences in requirements and an assessment of operational and personnel resources. Based on discussions with local users, we develop a TCO calculation sheet and compare this with the TCO and ROI of our proposed solution.

The results of our Survey, Design and Financial Analysis consulting feed into the next phase: implementing your Dynamics 365 with Hybrid Cloud Solution.

Perform fast evaluation to see if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is right for your business:

  • As-is business process implementation, fit & gap rough analysis, suitability evaluation and final roll-out planning
  • Local support services for your planning phase is available

Efficient roll-out planning:

  • Business templates by industry/purpose
  • Granular support for industry specific requirements

Global, one-stop outsourcing:

  • Hybrid cloud architecture with Enterprise Cloud and Microsoft Azure
  • Total management outsourcing by Global Management One
  • Multilingual 24x7 global support desk as tier-1 support
One Stop Solution for Your Global ICT Strategy

Industry templates:

  • Customize templates to meet your specific business needs
  • Industries templates include: automotive suppliers, high-tech, process manufacturing and made-to-order manufacturing, global accounting and compliance

Enterprise Cloud and Microsoft Azure:

  • Hybrid cloud architecture combining Microsoft Azure and Enterprise Cloud for a secure and robust Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation.
  • Connect to Microsoft Azure directly from Arcstar Universal One virtual private network (VPN), via Multi-Cloud Connect option for agile, flexible and cost-effective implementation

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Hybrid Cloud Solution supports global business, with a single rollout model, internal control/IFRS and multiple languages and currencies.

Local Support

  • Get organization and planning help from our local experts who have substantial experience with Dynamics 365

Global Management One:

  • Operation support of Dynamics 365 after roll-out
  • One-stop maintenance and operations, through-all-layers, including global network

Global One Team:

  • We deliver comprehensive support for your global business from our global one team, regional offices and partner companies

Printing Industry

Solution Summary

  • Implemented the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 business backbone system on Enterprise Cloud. Expanded into the factories in Vietnam
  • Built procedure for quick launch of oversea business by global-ready ERP and global seamless cloud


  • Standardization of the business process in each country using a global standard template
  • Improved IT governance
  • Agile roll-out in each location
  • Integration of IT infrastructure by cloud platform
  • Easy system operation and management in each location

Why NTT Communications?

  • Unparalleled experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Integrated cloud platform and global network
  • Granular support by local NTT Communications subsidiaries

Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Solution Summary

  • Prepared a global standard business process
  • Defined global business specifications based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX standard functions
  • Environment for development, Proof of Concept (PoC) and production on a single cloud platform in the closest site to headquarters
  • Enhanced security with diverse security services


  • Global standardization of business processes
  • Homogenous business quality on a global scale
  • Visualization of consolidated business management

Why NTT Communications?

  • Experienced Microsoft Dynamics AX engineers
  • NTT Communications works with customer headquarters to develop global ERP deployment program
  • With system operation and maintenance performed in one-stop IT costs can be optimized and IT governance can be strengthened

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